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Born Ralph Scognamiglio in New York. He acted in 123 episodes from 1974 to 1982.

He was a staple of radio shows as well as a popular voiceover pitchman, recording up to 12 commercials a week at the height of his career.

Source: Montanari, Linda. “His face isn’t familiar, but his voice is a brand name”. Poughkeepsie Journal. Oct 24, 1989. P. 15A. (Via

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“It took a little time (to get to work with Hi Brown)...on one of the Inner Sanctums. He was a very difficult man to get with... one had to besiege him for a long time before one got to work with him. It was one of my major triumphs when I finally became part of what he was doing.” – Ralph Bell

Did you know he ... First worked with Himan Brown on Inner Sanctum

Source: Gassman, Larry.“Radio Out of the Past” Interview with Himan Brown and Ralph Bell. Oct  21, 1993. Listen to interview:

...Initially majored in Education at the University of Michigan, but switched to Speech and joined the theater his sophomore year

Source: “Don’t Be Fooled By Ralph Bell’s Role: He’s Really Not So Tough Off The Stage”. The Record, Hackensack, NJ. Nov 30, 1940. P. 17. (Via


… Starred in an episode of CBS’s 1950s TV show The Web alongside CBSRMT host E.G. Marshall


Source: The Central New Jersey Home News, New Brunswick, NJ. Nov 11, 1950. P. 25. (Via

… Acted in and directed several plays by U of M classmate Arthur Miller


Source: “First Miller Play Will Be Revived”. The Central New Jersey Home News, New Brunswick, NJ. Jul 21, 1957. P. 22. (Via


… Was led to pursue more lucrative work in TV and radio advertising by his passion for fine food and clothes.’


Source: Montanari, Linda. “His face isn’t familiar, but his voice is a brand name." Poughkeepsie Journal. Oct 24, 1989. P. 15A. (Via

Too many Ralphs

In 1930s Bergen County, NY there were two Ralph Bells (Ralph H. and our Ralph S.) Both participated in this human pyramid for the newspaper. However, the caption writer didn’t differentiate between the two, so which one is our CBSRMT tough guy? (Our guess is the Ralph in the top row.)
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