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My partner and I love old time radio. He grew up listening to Ed Walker and The Big Broadcast on WAMU in Washington DC every Sunday night. And now we go to sleep every night to the sounds of E.G. Marshall and Co., staying up just long enough to hear the end of a tale...and the cast credits. 

These cards began as a personal cultural/historical research project which was fueled by my desire to find out more about the people who brought the CBSRMT to life and made it such a success. I have been a graphic designer/art director for more than 25 years, with most of my work in print—books, magazines, branding and packaging. This project seemed like a natural marriage of my professional career with my personal passion. You can find more of my design work here.

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Every attempt has been made to credit original sources. If any credits have been missed or any data presented is incorrect, please notify us. Please note that viewing some of the sources will require a subscription to view the full articles. These cards are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with CBS nor anyone involved with the making of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater. ©Nightwaves Media


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