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What's Cooking? A Magazine Refresh

I recently had the honor of giving a respected Phoenix Arizona food magazine a slight facelift. Not as deep and comprehensive as a full-blown redesign, a refresh is working with an existing design and tweaking small bits to create a new look, but still remaining close to the original brand. The Edible publications are part of a vast community of food magazines stretching all over the US and Canada. They have a few core brand standards, but for the most part, each publication can step out and do its own thing in concert with their city/community/location.

The refresh I did consisted of updated typefaces, larger photos, a new page eyebrow design, headlines, bylines, new page folios and other small tweaks. Here's a little peek of some of the changes. And you can see the full digital issue here.

The updated cover design included new typefaces and a different treatment of the coverlines.

The contents page has a new eyebrow design and updated clean headline typeface.

The in-season spread has larger photos, updated type and a fresh treatment for call to actions/URLs.

A detail of the in-season page shows a circle design element with new type treatment.

An article gets a new headline and byline type treatment as well as a new callout quote style.

The cover story opener with larger photos and new type treatment.

The Notes from the Garden Bar/Drinkable Phoenix section has a new headline and eyebrow treatment.

The Last Byte/last page gets a new numbering style and new type treatment.

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