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Prepped and Printed.

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

The first eight cards of the CBSRMT Trading Cards are currently being printed, or being prepped for printing as I write this. Really excited to see how they look. If the quality is as good as my EG Marshall test print, they are going to be gorgeous! I've picked these 8 talented people for my first set. Also am working on the packaging and setting up a companion website ( for source material on each card (I combed through hundreds of newspaper, magazine and websites on each person, so there is a lot of great information that will be on offer for any CBSRMT fans to enjoy). The final goal for the project is to produce a whole pack of 56 cards. Since I am paying as I go for the printing—hoping that the sales from the first set will help fund the subsequent sets—it might take a while to print all 56 cards. Will be posting updates as they happen.


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