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Born Everett Eugene Grunz in Owatonna, MN, he hosted 1,283 episodes from 1974 to 1982.



He began as a singer on a
St. Paul radio station

Source: Laurent, Lawrence. “E.G. Marshall ‘A Song, a Squirm and a Guitar’ ”. The Miami Herald. July 2, 1972. P. 3. (Via


Did you know he... Recorded his Mystery Theater intros after the completion of each episode 

Source: Payton, Gordon and Grams, Jr., Martin. The CBS Radio Mystery Theater: An Episode Guide and Handbook to Nine Years of Broadcasting, 1974–1982. Kindle edition. P. 4.

...Was a charter member of The Actors Studio with Marlon Brando and CBSRMT alum Kim Hunter. 

Source: Kleiner, Dick. "The Actors Studio: Making Stars Out of the Unknown" The Sarasota (FL) Journal. Dec 21, 1956, P. 26. (Via Google Newspapers)


...Only interacted on-air with cast members in its version of A Christmas Carol in which he played Scrooge. 

Episode 0402, first broadcast on Dec 24, 1975. (Via


Listen to episode:

00:00 / 43:59

...Often shared his recipe for zuppe di pisck (fish soup)

Source: Blinn, Johna. “E.G. Marshall is a true Renaissance Man”. Public Opinion, Chambersburg, PA. Jan 15, 1977. P. 19. (Via

Zuppe di Pisck

“The Grunz family moved from Owatonna to St. Paul when Marshall was about 8, and he went through the public schools there. Joe Grunz speculated that his brother may have used a busy thoroughfare in St. Paul, Marshall Ave, as the inspiration for his stage name.”

...Was coy about what “E.G.” stood for all his life. He ditched the family name “Grunz” in favor of “Marshall,” which was probably derived from a busy street a block from his childhood home.

Source: El-Hai, Jack. “E.G. Marshall’s Invented Past”. Jul 19, 2018. (Via

a Stage force

A 1931 photo of the Mechanic Arts High School’s Stage Force in St. Paul, MN. Can you spot our intrepid Mystery Theater host?

Mechanic Arts High School_Stage Force _1
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