Also known as "Hi", he produced and directed 1,399 original episodes from 1974 to 1982. He also acted in several episodes.

He produced 30,000+ radio shows over his 70-year career, saying his voice actors “love to come in, bite off a chunk of drama, make those characters live.”

“Sound man: His mystery theater is booming—on radio, yet”. Rondberg, Gary. The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA. September 20, 1979, page 35.


Did you know he... Owned the patent on the Inner Sanctum’s creaking door sound

"Well-chosen words, from a radio pioneer".  Hinkley, David. Daily News, New York, NY. May 28, 2003, page 40.

AND…  the NBC’s triple chime sound. 

"Radio Pioneer Honored With New UGA Facility". Greppi, Michele. Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA. October 13, 1988, page 8E.


...Played violin in a jazz band at 17​

“Wife Calls TV Guy a Love-Match Announcer”. Albelli, Alfred. Daily News, Sunday Edition. New York, NY. October 10, 1967, page 4.


...Recorded CBSRMT on the 6th floor of the old CBS Radio Annex on East 52nd St. (He owned a TV studio on W. 26th St. and leased it out for the production of various shows.)

The CBS Radio Mystery Theater An Episode Guide and Handbook to Nine Years of Broadcasting, 1974–1982. Gordon Payton and Martin Grams, Jr., Kindle edition, page 5.


...Earned a law degree but never practiced


“This guy was behind the creaking door”. Epstein, Pancho. The Santa Fe New Mexican, November 8, 1991, page 16.


...Moved CBSRMT’s production from NYC to Hollywood for 2 weeks in 1973 to hire LA actors whose other commitments prevented them from traveling. 

“Program Briefs”. Broadcasting Magazine. July 22, 1974, page 29.


“Every episode was rehearsed and recorded in Studio G on the sixth floor of the old CBS Radio Annex on East 52nd Street.”

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