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Radio Trading Cards

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

So much talent, so many voices. The CBS Radio Mystery Theater ran from 1974 to 1982. Prominent actors from the Golden Age of Radio, as well as film and television, performed on the series. Regular actors included Mason Adams, Ralph Bell, Kevin McCarthy, Arnold Moss, John Beal, Howard Da Silva, Keir Dullea, Morgan Fairchild, Veleka Gray, Jack Grimes, Fred Gwynne, Larry Haines, Paul Hecht, Celeste Holm, Kim Hunter, Mandel Kramer, Mercedes McCambridge, Tony Roberts, Norman Rose, Alexander Scourby, Marian Seldes, and Kristoffer Tabori.

I have started in on the initial design concepts for the first 8 cards of the series (#1 isn't shown here). The hope is that I can get at least 52 or more for the set. I am so excited to honor these actors, writers and hosts with these cards.

Other notable actors that appeared on the CBSRMT:

  • Casey Kasem ("The Headless Hessian," September 23, 1975)

  • Agnes Moorehead (appeared in the first broadcast, "The Old Ones Are Hard to Kill"; and "The Ring of Truth," January 26, 1974)

  • Jerry Orbach ("The Follower," January 25, 1975)

  • Sarah Jessica Parker ("The Child Cat's Paw", May 17, 1977)

  • Mandy Patinkin ("Lost Dog," January 9, 1974)

  • Kathleen Quinlan ("Ring of Evil," April 16, 1979)

  • Jerry Stiller ("The Frontiers of Fear," August 13, 1974)

  • John Lithgow (10 total episodes, starting with "End of a Memory," September 11, 1978)


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