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Born in Brooklyn, he acted in 48 episodes between 1974–1982.

He enjoyed a successful career as a TV voiceover pitchman for his perceived credibility, including appearances on-camera for Food Town supermarkets in North Carolina.


Source: Powell, Lew. “Supermarkets Catch Your Eye With Their Celebrity Spokesmen”. The Charlotte (NC) Observer. Aug 6, 1981. P. 39. (Via


But, he said, “I love radio; it was more fun than anything.”


Source: Cole, Gloria. “Mason Adams doesn’t seem in the dark with ‘Daye’ role”. The San Bernardino (CA) County Sun. July 25, 1989. P. D4. (Via

Did you know he... Co-hosted HBO Mailbox in the early ’80s, fielding questions about the channel


Source: Rothenburg, Fred. “HBO answers complainers: A ‘sincere’ Mason Adams trying to head off cancellations”. The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction, CO. May 21, 1984. P. 9. (Via


…Taught speech in New York City; one of his students was Marlon Brando, whom he only recognized at the time as lazy.


Source: “Radio actor shines in TV role”. Ottawa (Ont.) Journal Magazine. July 26, 1980. P. 14. (Via

…Said people recognized him but weren’t sure who he was.

Source: “Radio actor shines in TV role”. Ottawa (Ont.) Journal Magazine. July 26, 1980. P. 14. (Via


….Voiced the Smuckers jam and jelly TV commercials, which were so popular they ran for 30+ years, often using the catchphrase “With a name like Smuckers it has to be good.”

Source: “Mason Adams, known for ‘Lou Grant’ role, dies.” The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY. Apr 29, 2005. P. B6. (Via

“All Ready, Mr. Bell”


By 1947 Mason Adams had broken into mainstream radio as the deadly Atom Man on The Adventures of Superman, and in the title role of daytime radio drama Pepper Young’s Family. But he had yet to star on TV or in movies; his first official movie role was in 1975 with a bit part in The Happy Hooker. His first film appearance was in the Bell Telephone short Mr. Bell (1947). Adams played Tom Watson opposite Raymond Edward Johnson (of Inner Sanctum fame) as Alexander Graham Bell. (Adams first appears at the 13:47 mark in the video)

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