We at Nightwaves Media are taking our love of radio to a whole new level. One of us started out listening to Ed Walker and The Big Broadcast on WAMU (American University) every Sunday night. We often go to sleep to the sounds of E.G. Marshall, but end up staying awake listening to the end (and to hear the cast list). 

This project began as a simple cultural/historical research venture fueled by a desire to find out more about the people that made CBSRMT come into being. And then an idea emerged to create trading cards to share what we had found. We hope these cards showcase the incredible talent and enduring legacy of Himan Brown’s dream of radio revival. The main goal of this is not pure profit, we are hoping to generate enough captial to allow production of even more cards. The goal is seven series with a grand total 56 individual cards, perhaps more if the budget allows.

Please contact us if you have any questions, catch any errors (we strive to be 100% factual) or just want to talk about radio.

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Every attempt has been made to credit any and all original sources. If any credits have been missed or any data presented is incorrect, please notify us. Please note that viewing some of the sources/full articles will require a Newspapers.com subscription to view the full article. These cards are either endorsed by nor affiliated with the Colombia Broadcasting Company (CBS) nor anyone involved with the making of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater. ©2021 Nightwaves Media