Born Christopher Donald Siegel (aka K.T Donaldson) in Malibu. He acted in 52 episodes from 1974 to 1982.

Tabori recalls that in 1970s New York, method acting & realism were the dominant styles. But on CBSRMT “I’d get to do some really crazy, funky things. The melodrama gave you permission to go to some weird places. And I was interested in how far you could push it.”

Did you know he ... Introduced CBSRMT writer Percy Granger to Himan Brown 

… Was amazed by Robert Dryden’s playing of multiple roles, particularly when his two characters “had a conversation” 


From October 16, 2020 Nightwaves Media interview with Tabori.


… Has directed over 22 TV movies and done extensive voice work—from video games to audiobooks—winning an Audie award for his recording of Jeffrey Eugenides’ novel Middlesex.

Et tu, meatbag

Kristoffer’s voice work has led him into some interesting places, even into the Star Wars universe. His voiceover for the Star Wars game Knights of the Old Republic character—the HK-47 assassin droid—was so popular it was named in 2004 as “Original Game Character of the Year”. Digging deeper into conversations with HK-47 in the games reveal his utter disdain for humankind, or “meatbags”—as he so eloquently refers to them.

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