Born Frederick Hubbard Gwynne in New York City. He acted in 82 episodes from 1975 to 1982.

“I’ve played everything,” he once said about CBSRMT, “including a panther.”


“Mystery in the air again and radio theater has it”. Goldfarb, Myra Y. The Morning Call, Allentown, PA. March 28, 1980, page PB11.


Did you know he ... Was a professional singer, sculpted and painted, and also wrote & illustrated 7 children’s books celebrating his love of puns

“The Man Behind Herman Munster Wrote Some Puntastic Children’s Books. Fred Gwynne left a wonderfully goofy literacy legacy”. Wright, Andy. June 16, 2017.

...Enrolled in NYC’s Phoenix School of Design after leaving the Navy, but finished his education at Harvard

“He’s a Lovable, Grotesque Munster”. Gross, Ben. Daily News, New York, NY. January 6, 1965, page 39C.


…Was a copywriter for advertising giant J. Walter Thompson


"Fred Gwynne Escapes ‘Herman,’ Eyes Thrills, Deals of New Role”. Johnson, Malcolm L. The Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT. August 8, 1975, page 10F.

…Appeared alongside Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront, his first (uncredited) film role 


“TV’s Herman Munster is real-life artist-punster”. O’Haire, Patricia. The Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, FL. April 14, 1989, page E4.


….And Car 54 co-star Joe E. Ross won a 1961 Quigley award for best comedy team


“Quigley Publication Awards — TV Champions for 1961”. Best Comedy Team:  (3) Joe E. Ross & Fred Gwynne. Also Best Comedy Show (3) Car 54—Where Are You? 

…Had to dye his hair white for his role in the movie Pet Sematary 


“8 Surprising Facts About the Great Fred Gwynne”. Jul 10, 2018.


'The funniest
man in college'


No surprise Fred Gwynne was a member of the Harvard Lampoon. One caption says "In Fred Gwynne,  Poon had the funnest man in college."  The 1951 Redbook also chronicles Gwynne in the Hasty Pudding Club. 

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