Born Elspeth Mason Thexton in Chicago. She wrote 116 scripts and acted in 13 episodes between 1974 to 1982.

She claimed a preference for radio acting over TV, declaring “there are no ulcers in radio.” 


“Radio Holds First Place Over TV With Elspeth Eric”. Oliver, Wayne.  Alabama Journal, Montgomery, AL. February 17, 1955, page 2.


Did you know she... Also wrote for Himan Brown’s Radio Adventure Theater 


“Classic tales told in weekend radio series”.  The Bakersfield Californian, Bakersfield, CA. January 31, 1977, page 22.

...Would often bring her bulldog to Inner Sanctum recording sessions

“Along Radio Row”. Tune In Magazine, The National Radio Magazine. February 1945, page 5.


...Lived at New York’s Algonquin Hotel (of Dorothy Parker fame)


“Thexton, Elspeth Mason… 59 W 44th St, NYC”. List of Students, 1928 Graduates. Wellesley College Bulletin, Volume 32, No. 1. Wellesley, Massachusetts. Page 295. 

...Had her first radio role was in Tompkins Corners in 1932


“Miss Elspeth Eric plays the young heroine of ‘Thompkins Corners,’ the famous radio drama”. The Morning News, Wilmington, DE. October 4, 1932, page 7.


...Was adopted as a mascot by New York medical students in honor of her title role on the radio show Joyce Jordan—Girl Interne [sic]


“Elspeth Eric, lovely star of ‘Joyce Jordan—Girl Interne’…” Sidelights column. The Central Jersey Home News, New Brunswick, NJ. August 6, 1939, page 14.

...Was never seen without her crochet work, which she worked on between radio sessions.


“Elspeth Eric…is never seen without her crochet work”. Belvidere Daily Republican, Belvedere, IL. December 14, 1939, page 6.


Fashion Plate

There is no shortage of 1930s-40s articles featuring Elspeth Eric in the latest fashions. She modeled net socks, gardening duds, bathing suits and knitwear dresses. She was often photographed by Ray Les Jackson, a New York photographer who loved to sign his photos in a distinctive white script. (we tried to find more information out about this photographer, but he seems to be lost to time).

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